How do Yushino Tournaments work?

The rules are simple:

* The first 3 players receive 80, 40 and 20 free tokens, and lots of bragging rights!

* Tournaments are elimination-style. Think "Soccer World Cup". You can register for a tournament from the time the registration "opens", until the tournament officially starts. When the tournament starts, players are paired automatically with each other, and the winner from every pair advances to the next round, until the winner emerges. The 3rd and 4th place finishers play one last game to determine the 3rd place finisher. [Interesting tidbit: If the number of players that register is not a power of 2, then some players will end up without an opponent on some of the rounds of the tournament. These players advance to the next round automatically -- sometimes better be lucky than good!]

* Start and end times: the tournaments last one week each; registration opens at 5am GMT every Saturday (that's Friday midnight EST) and each tournament starts at 5am GMT every Sunday and ends at 5am GMT on the following Saturday. I.e., "Saturday registration", "Sunday start".
Every tournament game must FINISH within 24 hours of when it starts. If not, the person that played the last move wins!
[Another tidbit: since we only have 6 days to complete the tournament and we require that it ends in 6 days with each round completed in at most 24 hours, we can only accommodate 2^6 = 64 players. If we get many more than that and if the rounds don't get completed earlier than 24 hours, then we might postpone the start of the subsequent tournament -- but fret not, even if we got a million players we could still finish the tournament in 3 weeks. Exponentiation is our friend!]

* How to Register: Go to and enter your username or email address. You will be automatically entered in the current competition.

* Will I forget to play? We will send you an email with your opponent's name whenever you are paired up. We will also send you an email whenever each round ends with your result, and an in-game notification before the time runs out for the current round you are in.

Still have questions? Click "support" on the top right of this page and email us!
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