The Yushino team came together in 2011 and 2012 to... build Yushino! Well, we didn't really know what we were going to call it in the beginning. But we knew it was a board game with numbers, that it was easy for everyone to play (can you add 1 + 1? you are qualified!) but difficult to win (lots of strategy involved), and that all of our friends who saw it liked it even if they were not "numbers people". That last confirmation was the encouragement we needed to get started!

The Team


  • Who? Likes numbers, board games (what a surprise) and Perl (~ s/\bbull//iog;). Certified car nut/racer/destroyer, diver, cryptographer, x-developer, x-trader, x-worked-for-a-big-company.
  • What does he do here? Came up with Yushino and since then focuses on making everybody else's life difficult.


  • Who? Magician (really!), developer, boarder. Also likes Perl.
  • What does he do here? Makes it all happen (by writing all the code!).


  • Who? 25 years in software development. You name it, he's coded it, from 7-ton-heavy crypto protocols to e-payments to, well, games!
  • What does he do here? Facebook integration, infrastructure, and a lot more to come (he just joined us).


  • Who? The Eyes. He's got'em. And boy can he design.
  • What does he do here? The graphics. All of them, and they are a lot. Hope you like them as much as we do!


  • Who? (Copy)writer, enjoys philosophy babbling and playing Yushino in solid blocks. In search of strong opponents.
  • What does she do here? Ideas, words, concepts, skyping, 897639 and even higher Yushino numbers.

Vassilis K.

  • Who? Film director, director of troll campaigns and creative ideas. Unit of measurement: ideas/sec.
  • What does he do here? Constantly generating ideas that, sooner or later, will get us into trouble...


  • Who? Kris loves to help launch new and innovative technology products and smart games like Yushino! She also loves mentoring kids and is an awesome youth basketball coach!
  • What does she do here? Kris is helping us to get the word out about Yushino with her expertise in sales, marketing and social media. When you download and play Yushino Kris does a happy dance!
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